Forest Grove Drive Reconstruction Project

Detours in Effect

Improving Our Community

The City of Bettendorf is planning improvements along the Forest Grove Drive and Middle Road corridors, which will establish a new gateway to the City from the north. This project will continue improvements to Forest Grove Drive, which began in 2015, in collaboration with the City of Davenport and their improvements to Veteran’s Memorial Parkway.

Significant development, both commercial and residential, along this corridor over the past several years has driven the need to provide an upgraded roadway system. With traffic projected to grow substantially over the next 20 years, this project is needed to provide safe, multimodal connectivity between communities and local destinations.

The Forest Grove Drive Reconstruction Project is reconstructing and widening Forest Grove Drive, starting just east of International Drive and extending east through Middle Road. Improvements to Middle Road starting just south of Forest Grove Drive and extending north to just south of the I-80 interchange is also included in the project.

Forest Grove & Middle Road Corridor


Take a quick peek at what we’ve been up to on the Forest Grove Drive Reconstruction Project

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Project Renderings

Rendering: bridge
Rendering: walking path
Rendering: walking path
Rendering: roundabout
Rendering: Midblock Section
Rendering: Site Features
Rendering: Monument Sign
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Future Gateway Improvements

The City is working to secure funding for the Bettendorf Gateway Pedestrian Bridge and Trails Project that will create new mixed-use trails, streetscape improvements and a pedestrian bridge that will serve as a gateway to the area. The trail network will connect to the existing TBK Bank Sports Complex and adjacent development. Renderings of the pedestrian bridge are displayed above.

Stay Informed During Construction

The City and contractor are working hard to make the vision of Forest Grove Drive a reality. Please keep in mind that weather and other factors may impact the construction schedule. Stay up-to-date on the latest construction information by checking out the construction phasing information below.

Road Construction Phase 1: July – December 2022

The first phase of construction is located just east of International Drive to just west of Championship Drive. This phase started with sanitary sewer construction and will end with reconstruction of the roadway and construction of trails along this stretch of road.

Eastbound lane closure between Friendship Path and Middle Road

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Beginning Friday, December 16, a newly reconstructed portion of Forest Grove Drive from just east of International Drive to Friendship Path will be reopened to traffic. The Forest Grove Drive and Friendship Path intersection will also be opened, allowing access to Middle Road and the TBK Bank Sports Complex and businesses to traffic from the west.

Also starting on Friday, Forest Grove Drive between Friendship Path and Middle Road will be closed for continued construction. The intersection of Forest Grove Drive and Championship Drive will also close. TBK Bank Sports Complex area businesses can be accessed using Friendship Path and Competition Drive only. Thru traffic on Forest Grove Drive will be detoured using Middle Road, 53rd Avenue and Devils Glen Road.

The second phase of construction will be on Forest Grove Drive from Championship Drive to just east of the Middle Road intersection. Construction will also occur on Middle Road, just south of Forest Grove Drive to the Competition Drive intersection. This phase will involve reconstruction of the remainder of Forest Grove Drive roadway, reconstruction of portions of Middle Road roadway, and trail construction adjacent to these roadways.

The Forest Grove Drive and Championship Drive intersection, as well as the Forest Grove Drive and Middle Road intersection, will be closed. Thru traffic along Forest Grove Drive will be detoured will be detoured using the recently completed extension of Competition Drive and Friendship Path.

The Competition Drive intersection to Middle Road will be maintained. Access to the TBK Sports Complex and Competition Drive will be through Friendship Path to the west and Competition Drive to the east.

Construction zone along Forest Grove Drive, south of the Sports Complex and at the intersection of Middle Rd. Detour is Middle Rd. north of I-80, Indiana Ave, and Wells Ferry Rd. Click to enlarge

The third and final phase of construction will occur on Middle Road from the Competition Drive intersection to just south of I-80. The west half of Middle Road roadway reconstruction will be completed during this phase.

Access to Competition Drive from Middle Road will be closed. Traffic will be detoured using Forest Grove Drive to Championship Drive. Final landscaping activities may occur after November 2023; however, impacts to traffic are not anticipated.

Construction zone along Middle Road, east of the Sports Complex. Detour is teh south entrance of the Sports Complex along Forest Grove Drive to Middle Rd. Click to enlarge

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Project Activities

Forest Grove Drive will be widened to include one lane in each direction with a center turn lane. The new paving will be wide enough, however, to allow for a four-lane roadway in the future if traffic volumes warrant it. In addition to widening Forest Grove Drive, the City is also constructing roundabouts for traffic control at intersections. On-road bike lanes and a ten foot recreational trail are being added for pedestrians and bicyclists. This project benefits the community in a variety of ways:

Provide increased traffic capacity through widening the roadway

Improve the flow of traffic through this area by the use of roundabouts

Include multi-modal amenities

Incorporate landscaping and lighting improvements

Plan utility improvements for future growth


  • Roadway widening to increase capacity
  • Roundabouts to improve traffic efficiency
  • Expanded detention basin to capture stormwater
  • Bicycle and pedestrian trail
  • Aesthetic improvements

This project continues the City’s efforts to reconstruct and widen Forest Grove Drive due to significant development, both commercial and residential, over the past several years. Additionally, current road conditions on Forest Grove Drive are deteriorating and improving roadway conditions will provide a safer corridor with better connectivity for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists in the area. The City envisions the intersection at Forest Grove Drive and Middle Road as a gateway to Bettendorf so this project will include a detailed streetscape comprised of trees, specialty paving, ornamental light poles, decorative signage and wayfinding elements, and robust native landscaping.

A roundabout is a safe, efficient and cost-effective traffic control measure. Learn more about the benefits of roundabouts.

Design, engineering and construction activities are funded by a $5.96 million federal aid award, with the remaining $5.5 million project cost being funded by the City.

The City also was recently awarded an additional $0.5 million in Iowa Clean Air Attainment Program (ICAAP) that will support the project construction.

The City will work to minimize impacts to adjacent properties to the greatest extent possible. All properties impacted by the project have been coordinated with their respective owners. The City will work to inform all interested and affected parties of the projected construction schedule and traffic detours.

The Project is scheduled for letting by Iowa DOT in April 2022, with construction to begin July 2022. The City anticipates that primary roadway and trail reconstruction and paving will be completed in 2022 and 2023, with remaining landscaping and restoration to be completed late 2023 or early 2024. Additional construction within this area to support ongoing development is anticipated throughout 2023.

Process and Timing

The City has completed field studies and an environmental review of the area. A traffic analysis was conducted and considered crash history data as well as existing and projected traffic volume data to help the City move forward with preliminary and final designs.

A timeline with events listed as follows: Data Collection happens early 2021. Traffic Analysis happens early to mid 2021. Preliminary design happens early to mid 2021. Final Design happens mid 2021 to late 2021. Construction begins in July 2022 to November 2023.